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WWhat better way to experience the ultimate in safari experiences - picture walking through the untouched wild of South Africa, to your left a 1000-year-old Baobab tree, to your right a herd of giraffes getting ready for the day ahead. Step by step, you’re connecting with nature in its rawest form. It’s a magical experience you will never forget.

To get this close to the bush and the wildlife that call it home is a must-do item on any safari adventurer’s bucket list. All you need is an experienced tracker, which most lodges provide, to take you out and show you the best-kept secrets of the South African wilderness.

On your walk, you’ll learn about the ecology, the birds, the game, the plants and insects, and also how to interpret the signs of the wild, including animal spoor (footprints). When you come face to face with that elephant, or watch that dung beetle labouring with his ball of dung, you'll realise just how impressive and interdependent African wildlife and their ecosystems really are.

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SSouth African grasslands have 30 species per square kilometre, greater than the biodiversity of rainforests.

TThis is your chance to examine the real details of the bush, from the Big Five right down to the insects that form such an important part of the ecosystem. You'll also get a feel for the plant life and trees of the bush, their uses and natures. You will become one with nature.

SSafaris vary, but sometimes even the most luxurious involve tents, a lack of electricity and the timeless schedule of nature as opposed to man-made rhythms. But never fear, this experience will leave you wanting for nothing.

Simply put, a walking safari is the ideal way to really experience the South African bush. Only by becoming a part of nature, can we come close to understanding and appreciating it.

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