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Western Cape

You are only moments away

PPicture it: not only are you in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, deep in the heart of whale county, but you’re also soaring through the air, getting a front-row seat to the magic. Head to Hermanus and this could be you.

South Africa is a well-established paragliding destination, and Hermanus (just a 90-minute drive from Cape Town) is one of the Western Cape’s most scenic offerings. With an excellent blend of ocean, mountain and urban scenery, paragliding is offered throughout the year, provided you have the right weather conditions, of course.

Hermanus is a Western Cape town famous for its whale watching, and paragliding offers the best possible aerial views of these ocean giants. Even if you don’t see any whales during your paragliding adventure, the scenery, serenity and occasional adrenaline rush is enough to keep you going.

Did You Know?
HHermanus is home to the beautiful Fernkloof Nature Reserve, which holds over 1600 different plant species.

TThere are several operators who offer paragliding tours in Hermanus. Para Taxi is one of these operators, offering 60- to 90-minute tandem glides from a view point just beyond the Vodacom station, outside Hermanus.

AAnyone who weighs between 20kg and 115kg can paraglide and no previous experience is required. Guests sit in a comfy seat at the front of the glider and simply relax while an experienced guide does all the work throughout the descent.

The scenery on this adventure includes the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the booming town of Hermanus and its natural surrounds. The rugged shoreline is rather impressive from an aerial view. During the winter and spring months (May to October), it is quite common to see Humpback and Southern Right whales breaching the water.


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WWind speeds in Hermanus generally range from five to 20 knots, with April and May regarded as the calmest months in terms of wind.

But that’s not all. Hermanus is a fantastic hub of adventure. We recommend putting on your hiking boots and making your way up the mountains.

Take a trek through nature reserves like Fernkloof or Vogelgat with their incredible views and hiking trails that suit every fitness level. At the world-famous Cliff Path, the most popular trail in Hermanus, you can walk about 12km through rugged coastline all the way to Grotto beach. With the sea in front of you and the mountains at your back, you will not only spot some whales, but sooth your soul at the same time as well. Remember, there are always guided walks available if you prefer some company.

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