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TThe event was to initiate the start of Women’s Month and for the Minister to be introduced to the vision of UniMedia and the PinkStig Series.

 Ms.Tokozile Xasa stated: “It is the greatest opportunity to meet a movement of women who I regard as hidden gems in the golfing space. Golf is big in South Africa with more than 400 golf courses but less of women that we see on the courses. We have international, professional and local women coming up from South Africa and we want to see more women in golf as we are a golfing destination. We need to fill the courses with more women from the previously disadvantaged communities to bring out this sport which is often seen as an elite sport.”

She also went on to confirm that we need to tease out this opportunity for entrepreneurs to understand for further development in business.

“We have prime infrastructure that can be used for development and to showcase our courses. The background is set to see PinkStig deliver and to get to rural communities and to receive this opportunity of a lifetime. And on the other hand, growing tourism through this golf area is where we get our country marketed and not only about marketing the estate where you are playing. It also gives the opportunity to show every other attraction internationally whilst giving participation to our locals.”

The Minister’s agenda and message is clear. Tourism and golf is a hand and glove fit and we can forge this further to realize more women golf players with more tournaments locally, attracting more overseas players and boosting tourism.

The minister was dressed very stylishly in her golf attire with her pink jacket and proceeded to the golf course on the first Tee to officially tee off the start of Women’s Month and the endorsement of our women sports movement, PinkStig. Her swing showed us the calibre of women we need to drive the agenda of women, sport and tourism. UniMedia’s Ceo, Zahira Hansa complimented the minister's drive with an equally impressive drive.

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