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We welcome the recommendations of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Immigration Regulations which was led by the Deputy President, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa. We believe that the recommendations will go a long way in easing tourism into South Africa as well as ensuring that the security of our nation is not compromised.


We would like to thank the task team, under the leadership of the Director-General in the Presidency, for the work they have done to ensure a thorough assessments of all concerned parties and reaching conclusions to allay all concerns.


We believe that the recommendations reached a balance between promoting the tourism industry as an economic driver, through the ease of travel into South Africa and addressing the safety and security of our children, and securing our national borders.


As South African Tourism we will work closely with the Departments of Home Affairs, Tourism and the Tourism Bodies in South Africa to communicate the recommendations as simply as possible to our tourism stakeholders around the world. South African Tourism will make available its overseas offices to communicate with industry, trade and media the decisions of the Inter-Ministerial Committee.


We welcome the opportunity to move together and work steadfastly with our stakeholders towards our primary mandate of marketing South Africa as a preferred leisure and business events destination.

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