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DDo you love live music? Do you love awesome people? Do you love camping? Head over to South Africa’s largest music festival in the Limpopo province and you’ll get a healthy dose of all three!

For over 20 years, this gathering of South Africa’s music elite has become an essential pilgrimage for music lovers across the country, now rocking the socks off over 20 000 festival goers.

With over 100 live acts, multiple stages and some big international headliners, the festival continues to grow year-on-year.

Did You Know?
OOppikoppi hosts over 20 000 people, and has been going since 1994.

OOppikoppi is a contraction of the Afrikaans phrase “op die koppie”, which translates to “on the hill”. Oppikoppi was named for the koppie (hill) that dominates the festival’s location. The wildness of the surrounds is striking, and anyone who has been to Oppikoppi will tell you that the dust, thorn trees and harsh landscape are an essential part of the experience – a badge of honour, if you will.

OOppi, as it’s affectionately known, began in 1994 as a rock music festival, but since then more genres have been included, and there are now six different stages playing all sorts of music including an electronic stage in its own beat-thumping world on the other side of the koppie.

TThe dusty city pops up every year in Northam, Limpopo, during the second weekend of August. It’s no picnic, but that’s the best part about it. Oppikoppi is a rite of passage and one you’re sure to never forget. So get your camping gear out, gather your friends, pick your favourite bands and get the party started!

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